Video of Trump Protest Busses in Chicago

Courtest of a ZeroHedge reader, there is now video of Trump protest busses in Chicago. These busses run for blocks and blocks. Check out the video. Video of Trump Protest Busses

Paid Anti-Trump Protester Speaks Out

There has been a speculation about protesters at Trump rallies being paid. Well now a paid Anti-Trump protester speaks out and brings some clarity. This man protested at a rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona. T...

Trump Protester Holds Up a Disgusting Sign

An anti-Trump protest happened in DC Saturday. As usual, many disgusting people attended. A Trump protester holds up a disgusting sign. You won't believe it. Trump Protester Encourages Rape

Donald Trump's Victory Speech

Well, it really happened. It is still sinking in for some of us. Here is Donald Trump's victory speech. This is definitely something you need to see for yourself. ...