A frustrated Gen Z American shared his financial struggles on TikTok, highlighting the harsh reality of living costs.

"Can somebody explain to me in crayon-eating terms why I make over three times the federal minimum wage and I cannot afford to live?" Nic asked on TikTok. He rejected the notion of working excessive hours just to get by, citing exorbitant rents for one and two-bedroom apartments.

Nic's plea illustrates the desperation many feel amid rising prices. "It is embarrassing to come out and say that it is a struggle to survive right now. But I know so many people are struggling," he admitted.

The federal minimum wage remains at $7.25 per hour. Recent inflation data shows a continued rise, with the consumer price index climbing for the third consecutive month.

March's inflation report indicates ongoing economic pressure, with core prices increasing by 0.4% for three months straight, totaling an annual rise of 3.8%. These rates exceed prior estimates.

Significant inflation drivers last month included housing and gasoline costs. These two areas contributed to over half of the total monthly increase in prices.

Nic revisited his grievances in a newer TikTok video, expressing disillusionment with political parties. "I just now realized that regardless of which side I vote, it won’t be fixed," he declared.

He criticized government spending and foreign aid, questioning the care for homeless veterans in his follow-up video. "How many homeless veterans are out on the street right now?" he challenged, pointing out ongoing government overspending.

Inflation continues to squeeze U.S. households, especially affecting those with lower incomes. Essentials like food and rent are increasingly unaffordable, highlighting a broader economic strain.

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