Hungary Submits ‘Stop Soros’ Bill To Parliament

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easter worshippers

Following the attack in Sri Lanka, former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have referred to the victims as “Easter worshippers.” Why not call them what they are? Hundreds of CHRISTIANS, who were killed in Sri Lanka for their faith. Instead of just calling them what they are, Obama and Hillary created a new phrase: …

Colorado Television Repair Man Faces Felony Charges

A television repair man in Colorado is facing felony charges after a customer claimed that he hugged her so tightly she feared her life may be in danger. While speaking with KDVR-TV, 70-year-old Karen Loest said that David Novinski, a 34-year-old DISH Network subcontractor, gave her a “bear hug” and pinned her arms and chest …

Charlize Theron Allowed 3-year-old to Declare Their Own Gender

Normally conservatives believe in leaving parenting to the parents. But this Charlize Theron story challenges that stance in a big way.

Georgia Mother Catches Boyfriend Molesting 5-Year-Old Daughter

According to police, a Georgia mother caught her boyfriend molesting her 5-year-old daughter and then went after him with a sword.

James Comey Responds to Mueller Report

Ever since being terminated by President Trump, Former FBI Director James Comey has went off the deep end. Now James Comey responds to the Mueller report

Rashida Talib Calls Threatens Hunger Strike

She knows no boundaries. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has been urging supporters to join her in using a hunger strike to “shut down” ICE.

HUD Moves to Block Public Housing Access for Illegal Immigrants

On Wednesday Housing and Urban Development notified Congress of the new rule, which is to try to block some of the 32,000 illegal immigrant-led families from claiming public housing. The Trump administration claims it is unfair to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are stuck on a waiting list. A schedule of publication and …

New Jersey Man Busted by Cops

A New Jersey man is under arrest after he tried to enter St. Patrick’s Cathedral with two butane lighters, two gas cans and two bottles of lighter fluid. 

Rep. Eric Swalwell

Rep. Eric Swalwell is back at it. The Never Trumper California Democrat said those who don’t give up their so-called “assault weapons” should go to jail. 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

After New Jersey passed the right-to-die law on Friday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pushes for something similar in New York.

ICE Reports That Over 10,000 Illegal Immigrants

According to documents obtained by an immigration reform group, ICE reports that over 10,000 illegal immigrants are roaming the United States free. Not only are these illegal immigrants, but they are from nations that are designated as terror sponsors. On Friday the Immigration Reform Law Institute that they were provided documents under the Freedom of …


On Monday a devastating fire tore through Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Before the flames were even out, Ben Shapiro mocks Catholics and President Trump was an extremely insensitive tweet. It’s long established that Ben Shapiro is a Never Trumper. From time to time he says some pro-Trump things to pander to his base, …

Fordham Student Died for likes, Sydney Monfries

Sydney Monfries, a 22-year-old Fordham Student, died died trying to get a photograph for social media by falling to her death inside a clock tower. The fall happened at the Bell Tower on the Fordham campus. She was with a group of friends in the early hours of the morning. Monfries and her friends had …

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Opposes Joe Biden

Many people in the Democratic Party are backing a Joe Biden president run, but one prominent Democrat isn’t. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opposes Joe Biden

'Build the Wall' Campaign

Americans are joining together and making their voices heard to Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The “Build the Wall” campaign has sent 22,000 bricks

Heckler Interrupts Bill and Hillary

Just when everyone in attendance was about to fall asleep a heckler interrupts Bill and Hillary Clinton’s speaking tour. As you probably know, this isn’t the first time Bill Clinton has been heckled and for good reason. The heckler was yelling at the Clintons are “boring” before he was hauled off by security. Before they …

Babylon Bee Claims AOC Appears on Price is Right and Guesses Everything is Free, Ted Cruz's Response is Even Better

The Babylon Bee does a great job of poking the left. If you are not familiar, it is a satire site that makes satirical stories that are only funny because they could possibly be true. When you read one of their headlines, there’s a good chance you have a couple seconds of contemplating whether or …

Will President Trump Really Release Illegal Alients Into Sanctuary Cities

President Trump has challenged the left to put the money where their mouth is. His threat to release illegal aliens into sanctuary cities is reportedly under “strong” consideration. He tweeted that relocating the illegal immigrants to these parts of the country should make the “Radical Left” happy. The comments by President Trump came after a …