Hungary Submits ‘Stop Soros’ Bill To Parliament

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Beto O'Rourke We Only Have '10 Years' Left

More fear mongering by the left. Democratic presidential candidate claims that we only have “10 years” left on Earth if we don’t address climate change.

President Trump Reveals Why Judge Napolitano Has Turned Against Him

For a long time, Judge Napolitano of Fox News was a huge supporter of President Trump. Not anymore. He suddenly started firing barbs at President Trump

Snowflake Protester Triggered

There are some funny videos out there, but this one of the snowflake protester having a balloon pushed out of her hand might be as funny as any of them.


Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa was drafted second overall by the San Francisco 49ers. Unsurprisingly some liberal San Francisco 49ers fans were triggered by the selection. Earlier this month Bosa told ESPN that he removed the political tweets he had created. Some of the tweets he deleted were anti-Colin Kaepernick, pro-Trump and anti-Beyonce. He …

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mocks 'Older Male GOP'

She is never going to learn, is she? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez mocks an “older male GOP” member before finding out he’s actually a Democrat.

Mother Arrested After Complaining Her Daughter's Seat Was Covered in Vomit

There was a mother arrested and her daughter placed in protective custody after she complained that her daughter’s seat was covered in vomit.

President Trump Welcomes 'Sleepy Joe'

It’s been assumed for a while that Joe Biden will be in the 2020 race. “Sleepy Joe” made it official early on Thursday morning he released a video

Actress Nicole Kidman

Actress Nicole Kidman revealed that she is often teased by her friends for going to church as a family and her strong belief in God.

Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon Think Bernie Sanders is 'Way Out There'

You know Bernie Sanders has went to far when even Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon are talking about how “way out there” a proposition of his is. 

Suicide Bomber Pats a Child on the Head While Heading into Church to Blow Himself Up

Chilling footage from CCTV shows the Sri Lanka suicide bomber on Easter Sunday when he pats a child on the head while heading into the church to launch an ISIS-inspired attack. The terrorist can be seen wearing a large backpack heading towards St Sebastian’s Church in Negombo where he was going to murder Christians. At …

President Trump Tees off on Joe Scarborough

President Trump came out firing on Tuesday morning. After taking on the New York Times and Paul Krugman, President Trump tees off on Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe on MSNBC. He even gave him a nickname and it’s hilarious. First President Trump tipped his cap to Fox and Friends on on Fox News, his preferred …

easter worshippers

Following the attack in Sri Lanka, former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have referred to the victims as “Easter worshippers.” Why not call them what they are? Hundreds of CHRISTIANS, who were killed in Sri Lanka for their faith. Instead of just calling them what they are, Obama and Hillary created a new phrase: …

Colorado Television Repair Man Faces Felony Charges

A television repair man in Colorado is facing felony charges after a customer claimed that he hugged her so tightly she feared her life may be in danger. While speaking with KDVR-TV, 70-year-old Karen Loest said that David Novinski, a 34-year-old DISH Network subcontractor, gave her a “bear hug” and pinned her arms and chest …

Charlize Theron Allowed 3-year-old to Declare Their Own Gender

Normally conservatives believe in leaving parenting to the parents. But this Charlize Theron story challenges that stance in a big way.

Georgia Mother Catches Boyfriend Molesting 5-Year-Old Daughter

According to police, a Georgia mother caught her boyfriend molesting her 5-year-old daughter and then went after him with a sword.

James Comey Responds to Mueller Report

Ever since being terminated by President Trump, Former FBI Director James Comey has went off the deep end. Now James Comey responds to the Mueller report

Rashida Talib Calls Threatens Hunger Strike

She knows no boundaries. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has been urging supporters to join her in using a hunger strike to “shut down” ICE.

HUD Moves to Block Public Housing Access for Illegal Immigrants

On Wednesday Housing and Urban Development notified Congress of the new rule, which is to try to block some of the 32,000 illegal immigrant-led families from claiming public housing. The Trump administration claims it is unfair to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are stuck on a waiting list. A schedule of publication and …