JoAnn Knox, a Florida voters, captured footage of Broward County election officials transferring ballots in a rented Enterprise truck.

“This violates all chain of custody requirements for paper ballots,” stated Tim Canova, an Independent Congressional candidate in the 23rd District in Florida.

There were no security officials in sight when they were transferring the ballots.

During the video one of the women moving the ballot boxes asked someone watching for help.

Knox took to Facebook to post extensive footage at a Broward County polling site in Plantation, Florida.

Footage Surfaces of Broward County Election Officials Transferring Ballots

Here is her Facebook post:


By the time I was allowed to finally enter, (around 7:25) they had already started packing up and had pulled the tabulation tapes from the scanners. What I witnessed for the next hour was a room full of people, operating 3 different precincts in the same room, frantically packing everything up and running around looking for things. Where’s the zero starts? Where’s the digital drives and the cases. Who has the phones? Etc. Packing/signing/bagging/boxing.

It was crazy.

One lady even asked me if I wanted to help. They just wanted out. Quickly.

What struck me the most was the total lack of “chain of custody”.

Everything got sealed with thick plastic zip tie type fasteners.

There were green, red, and blue ones and they did have numbers on them, but, it didn’t seem to matter what color went on what and I did not see anyone logging what number zip tie sealed any given thing.
These ties were also used to seal the blue bags filled with the paper ballots
And, one thing that really stuck with me was the fact that ziplock bags of these ties were just laying around on the tables for any one to take. I kept thinking that there really was nothing guaranteeing that those ballot bags couldn’t be opened and resealed (with no way of anyone knowing).

Once they posted the results on the door, I started photographing the Congressional race tallies

As I was leaving, 2 women carrying a box marked “provisional ballots”, and a woman with a small cart that had a ballot bag on it came walking back towards the precinct building.

I was curious and asked them if they were allowed to just walk around with that stuff.
One lady told me “the truck left these out there.”
I thought, WTF?
So, of course, I took their photos.

As I turned away from them and headed out to the parking lot, I noticed there was a truck at the far end of the parking lot.
Did she not just tell me it had left?
I then noticed a long line of cars lined up leading to that truck.

Tim Canova took to Twitter to post some video:

And one more video:

Stay tuned as we will provide more details as they become available.

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