Donald Trump calls it how he sees it! I think most of us see it too: the only way any of the clowns in the Democratic debates will win the presidential election is if Donald Trump is impeached. We all know that isn't going to happen though!

“You would think there is NO WAY that any of the Democrat Candidates that we witnessed last night could possibly become President of the United States,” the president tweeted out, “Now you see why they have no choice but to push a totally illegal & absurd Impeachment of one of the most successful Presidents!”

He also mentioned that the economy would tank if any of the Dems get their grimy hands on the presidency. “Our record Economy would CRASH, just like in 1929, if any of those clowns became President!” he wrote.

While Trump did not say too much during the Democratic debate on Tuesday night, he did share a map of Moody's Analytics which portrays Trump winning with 351 electoral votes. This would be an even bigger landslide win than his victory against Hillary Clinton in 2016, in which he had 304 electoral votes.

“Looks good to me!” he said.

The president added, “What is happening to President Trump with Impeachment is a Constitutional Travesty.” @GrahamLedger The likes of which we have never seen before. It is Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi who should be impeached for fraud!"

And I OOP! He's going a valid point though. If Nancy Pelosi truly had a valid reason to impeach the president, she would have moved forward with a vote a long time ago.

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