Cindy McCain, widow of late Senator John McCain, must be delirious! She claims that the Republican Party lacks a "voice of reason" since her husband died.

I find that interesting, considering John was was a deceitful, conniving, spiteful liar and anything BUT the voice of reason. Whatever helps her sleep at night, I suppose.

While appearing in an ABC News interview, McCain praised her husband for standing up to both Democrats and Republicans. “That was a tough torch to carry and, as John said, there were many lonely days because he always said what was on his mind,” she said.

“I don’t see anybody carrying that mantle at all, I don’t see anyone carrying the voice — the voice of reason,” McCain added.

The only voice John had was that of a traitor. They didn't call him songbird for nothing! The man sang like a canary to the enemy when he was captured during his time in the military.

Cindy also commented on Senator Lindsey Graham, who was a friend of McCain, and how he has aligned himself with President Trump. She said that she will not speak out against him.

“Lindsey’s a part of my family. He’s a good friend and I cannot, [and] will not, be critical of Lindsey.” She continued, “Lindsey has his own political career to worry about and his own political life,” she added. “I would just hope that in the long run, everyone would begin to move in the right direction, including Lindsey or anybody else.”

I understand grieving her husband, but let's all be honest here....John McCain was no hero. Our country is better off without him in any form of office.

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