A video of former President Donald Trump at a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, Georgia, has captured widespread attention. He was interacting with a Black woman supporter.

In the video the woman tells President Trump, "I don't care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump, we support you!"

Margo Martin, Trump's deputy director of communications, posted the video on X, where the supporter expressed her unwavering support despite media narratives. The video has since received over 60,000 views.

This comes as Trump prepares to challenge President Joe Biden in a significant rematch from the 2020 election. Both candidates have secured enough delegates for their party's nomination.

Recent discussions suggest a potential shift in Black voter allegiance from Democrats to Republicans. However, new data from the Pew Research Center reveals a more complex picture.

The survey found that 83% of Black voters prefer the Democratic Party, slightly down from years past. Conversely, Republican support among Black voters has slightly decreased to 12%.

Despite these party preferences, Trump's personal support among Black voters might have increased since the last election. He received 8% of the Black vote in 2020.

Georgia, with a 33.1% Black population, especially around Atlanta, becomes a critical focus. The growing Black demographic in the area could influence future election outcomes.

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