On Sunday an MSNBC guest on the show "AM Joy" made waves by referring to the GOP as the "Republi-Klan Party" due to their "white supremacy."

Per Daily Caller:

Fernand Amandi, described as an “Exec. VP & Principal” at “Bendixen & Amadi International,” said, “Who was it that came out just to destroy George Bush after those comments where he touched on white supremacy? Steve Bannon–whose exact quote was ‘George W. Bush was so out of line with those comments.'”

He continued, “Again, the issue polarizing here–the issue at the heart beat of it all: race. The Republican Party or the Republi-Klan Party, as I call them now, which is what Donald Trump has sanctioned them as, cannot and will not allow any proper discussion on their white supremacy to be had because it all unravels after that. That’s what George W. Bush courageously did.”

Former president Bush said in a speech this week, “bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed.”

Check out the video.

MSNBC Guest Calls GOP The 'Republi-Klan Party'

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