Donald Trump pulled no punches while talking about progressives on the O'Reilly factor. President Trump discussed what has been surprising about becoming president, the attacks he's faced from the left and his relationship with the media. He also had a scorching hot statement about the left. He said the first thing they do is pull the race card. Check it out.

“When people attack you personally, that bothers you,” O’Reilly said to Trump. “So, they’re saying that you’re anti-Muslim, they’re saying that you’re anti-black, they’re saying that you’re anti-poor. Do you respond, because, you do come back. I mean, does it hurt your feelings that they’re making you into a hater?"

Trump came back with a Big League response.

“No, because they always do it,” Trump responded. “The first thing they do with the Republicans or conservatives is the racist card, they pull out the racist card. They always do that, not just with me. They do it with everybody. And I see that, and once you know that, you feel a lot better about it.”

The mainstream media and the left called Trump and his supporters racist time and time again during the race. Hillary said Trump was "engaging in racist behavior" during his campaign.

On January 27, President Trump signed an executive order that stopped refugees from seven countries from entering the United States. It suspends immigrants from Syria and six other countries from entering the country indefinitely. Did Trump do this because he is racist or because he wants to protect the country he loves? Let us know in the comments.

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