North Korea Warns Trump, Kim Jong Un, President Trump, North Korea

North Korea Warns Trump: We'll Nuke You!

On Tuesday the Kim Jong Un regime made a bold proclamation. North Korea warns Trump that they will nuke targets in the United States and South Korea. Per Reuters: North Korean state media on Tuesday warned ...
trey gowdy humiliates nancy pelosi, president bush

Trey Gowdy Humiliates Nancy Pelosi

As usual, Trey Gowdy is not holding anything back. In this video, Trey Gowdy humiliates Nancy Pelosi, which was easy work for him. Check it out. She has complet...
Patriots TE Refuses to Meet Trump, martellus bennett, president trump, white house

Patriots TE Refuses to Meet Trump

New England Patriots TE refuses to meet Trump. Martellus Bennett already said he will not go to the White House with the team. He simply said, "I don't support the guy that's in the house." Directly after th...
90 Somalis and 2 Kenyans Deported, illegal immigration, executive orders, president trump

90 Somalis and 2 Kenyans Deported

President Trump has said he will crack down on illegal immigration. Here is the first step. 90 Somalis and 2 Kenyans deported. Their plane landed at the Mogadishu Airport this past week.
dow jones breaks 20,000, 1600

Dow Jones Breaks 20,000 For First Time Ever

Just five days after Donald Trump took the oath for President of the United States, the Dow Jones breaks 20,000 for the first time ever. Dow Jones Breaks 20,000