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Rumors Swirling Elizabeth Warren Facing 'Political Destruction' Amid Talks CFPB engaged In Multi-Million Dollar Scheme

In the mythical land of liberal, there is a thing called a gender wage gap. The left believes that there is some sort of magical gap between wages paid to men and wages paid to women for the exact same job. However, it does not actually exist out here in the real world. Elizabeth Warren, …

Trump's Refugee Ban, travel ban, executive order, politico, morning conduit

Much has been made of Trump’s refugee ban by the press. According to poll this is one of his most popular executive orders. Obviously, the results vary greatly between Democrats and Republicans, but overall the voters who were polled favor the refugee ban. According to a new poll from Morning Consult and Politico, the executive …

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The First Thing They do is Pull the Race Card, immigration ban, syria, bill o'reilly

Donald Trump pulled no punches while talking about progressives on the O’Reilly factor. President Trump discussed what has been surprising about becoming president, the attacks he’s faced from the left and his relationship with the media. He also had a scorching hot statement about the left. He said the first thing they do is pull …

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