Hillary Clinton continues to soak her gullible following for all their worth. What does Crooked Hillary want for Christmas? More Money of course.

While the rest of the country suffered after eight years of Obama tanking the economy, Hillary rakes in loads of cash with paid appearances and books. The Clintons have used becoming public servants as a path to wealth. That's not enough. They want to ask hard-working Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck to squeeze in a donation to them.

The two-time loser is so out of touch that she begs for money going into the holiday weekend. Since she's a government elitist who never had a real job, she has no idea what the struggle means.

She determined December 22 was a good day to go on a tweeting frenzy pushing her far left, anti-American group she backs financially.

What Does Crooked Hillary Want For Christmas? Money!

Stay out of the way, white people.

The tweetstorm came to a close in a predictable way. By Hillary asking you to throw cash at her organization "Onward Together."

After the Senate passed the new tax bill, Hillary did the same thing. She figured what better way to spend your new tax savings than dumping it into her foundation of choice?

Some things will never change. All the Clintons care about is money and power. They are absolutely disgusting.

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