Ever since Jeffrey Epstein was arrested last year, Democrats have been trying to tie President Trump in with the sex trafficking scandal as an abuser.

They haven't had any evidence, of course, but we already know that they don't care about evidence. The only thing they have been going off of is that there are a few photos of Donald Trump taken with Jeffrey Epstein.

They have completely ignored that Bill Clinton is involved in this for sure and continue to try and pin this on President Trump. Not anymore.

Following the release of some unsealed documents, we can be confident that President Trump was never involved in this debauchery.

From my research, Trump had been working years to collect intel on Epstein. Lolita Express was Epstein’s private plane that would travel with underage girls, politicians and famous celebrities to and from “orgy island” Jeffrey’s private Island.

Trump was never on the plane to the island. Nor did he partake in anything with Jeffrey aside from being with him at parties that didn’t take place on the island. The one girl who was with them the most even said so in her statements.

She named some celebrities in these documents and I’m not surprised to see Bill Clinton’s name. He went to the island 20+ times! His wife was involved in a torturous act against a young girl and the file is called Frazzledrip which was on Anthony Weiner’s laptop and three of the four officers who saw the evidence died a short time later and even them being experienced officers were said to have thrown up watching it.

Now imagine Bill Clinton partaking in Epstein abuse, then his wife partaking in what she did.... then you have them all shown in photos together and we know the Clinton’s were good friends with the Obama’s. Now it makes sense why all those celebrities were given the “freedom medal” from Obama. Not so shockingly all those people have used their platform to discredit the president. It’s all connected. This goes so deep from Hollywood to the White House and when they couldn’t buy Trump they turned their assets of mainstream media against him and we have seen a major smear campaign now for years.

It really is that simple.

Here’s just a flash of the documents and evidence.

P.S. this is why trafficking is so huge. They have their people infiltrated from governmental agencies who are said to protect children to Planned Parenthood and then some. This needs to end! The evidence is out there what they were doing at Planned Parenthood as well. This is not a conspiracy it’s all real.

H/T Crista Solano

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