There's not being in the giving spirit, then there's this. A Salvation Army bell ringer was attacked in front of Walmart for wishing Merry Christmas.

Per CBS Sacramento:

“I greet everybody, 'Merry Christmas,'” said Rev. Jamie Wolfe, Sr.

Sadly, those two simple words got this bell ringer knocked out.

“He haymakered me, hit me, got me down on the ground and we started wrestling, at that point I’m fighting for my life,” Wolfe Sr. said.

The man wasn’t after the kettle money, but instead, his cheer.

“Definitely unexpected,” he claimed.

It was a savage attack — not even a Grinch could compare.

“Store says they love him and he’s been the best bell ringer they’ve ever had, so an attack that’s unprovoked is very surprising and very unfortunate. It’s not the call we’d expect to get at night,” or ever said Lt. Steve Pavlakis with the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army Bell Ringer Beaten Down For Wishing Merry Christmas

During his 14 years with the organization this has never happened to Pavlakis.

“It’s really saddening that one of our bellringers would be out there working day after day for us that’s met with hate and punches to the face and kicks to the face,” Pavlakis said.

While the reverend is rattled by what happened, he vowed that he won't ever lose his Christmas spirit.

“It’s really rewarding,” he said. “I’ll be right back out there doing it again tomorrow,”

The suspect is still on the loose. Police are hoping surveillance footage will help them track him down and put him behind bars.

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