Now it's time for your daily installment of CNN #FakeNews. Van Jones Claims Trump is sending signals that white nationalism 'is okay.'

Jones was part of a discussion panel that was hosted by CNN colleague John Berman. During the discussion, Jones claimed that President Trump is shaping federal policy to better go along with white nationalist terrorism.

According to Jones, the Trump administration is moving counterterrorism resources "away from these white supremacist hate groups and focusing solely on, almost exclusively on radical Islam."

Here is a partial transcript of the panel's discussion on CNN. Per Daily Wire:

JONES: Sometimes we act as if the only things that matter here are the words and language when you say something, that’s very very important, but there is a policy implication that we haven’t talked about enough, which is that you have an administration that when it comes to counterterrorism, it’s been reported, is moving its resources away from these white supremacist hate groups and focusing solely on, almost exclusively on radical Islam.

So it’s not just that you have a president who kind of forgets to point out terrorism when it’s white nationalist groups, you have him at a policy level taking his eyes off of these haters, taking his eyes off these murderers, taking his eyes off of the oldest errorist group in the country. The oldest terrorist group is not ISIS, they’re brand new. The oldest terrorist group in the world, certainly in the United States, is the Ku Klux Klan, and there’s a policy now to take the eyes of the federal government off of these people. So that’s part of why you have so much concern.

If you say, “Look, I’m not gonna call you a terrorist. I’m not gonna say, ‘white supremacist.’ I’m not gonna say, ‘neo-Nazi.’ I’m not gonna mention your name. I’m not call you a thug. I’m not gonna do anything, and I’m gonna move the eyes of law enforcement off of you," you are beginning to send signals that this kinda stuff is okay, at a policy level as well as at a rhetorical level, and that is dangerous in America.

Donald Trump is now away from his party, with now Putin, apparently, [and] with white supremacists.

Jones heaped praise on Republican politicians who specifically condemned white supremacists, white nationalists and the KKK. During these outrageous claims, neither Berman nor anyone else on the panel disagreed with Jones' claims.

Watch the video below to see Jones' claims.

Van Jones Claims Trump is Sending Signals White Nationalism 'Is Okay'

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