After recent US sanctions, the Iranian Parliament votes to boost budget for missiles and also chants "Death to America" just after the vote.

Per Al Jazeera:

Iran's parliament has overwhelmingly voted to increase spending on Tehran's ballistic missile programme and the elite Revolutionary Guards in retaliation for new sanctions imposed by the United States.

In a session on Sunday, a total of 240 politicians out of 244 present voted to allocate $520m to develop the country's missile programme and boost foreign operations of the paramilitary troops, with only one abstention. 

Parliamentarians approved the outlines of the bill to "counter America's terrorist and adventurist actions in the region" as some chanted "Death to America" after the vote results were announced.

Here is the video of some of their parliamentarians chanting "Death to America" just after the results of the vote were announced.

The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the increase in the country's defense budget. The increase will boost the budget by more than $500 million US dollars.

Remember, not long ago Barack Obama was negotiating with the Iranian regime behind the scenes. This is despite them being the top sponsor of state-sponsored terrorism in the world.

Don't forget when the Khamenei regime was sent a pallet of cold hard cash in exchange for the release of US prisoners.

Iran cash, 400 million

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