"Loyalty Day" is something Trump supporters were participating in to counter "May Day" marches that the left were participating in. Of course Antifa showed up and violence ensued. During the "Loyalty Day" festivities, a Trump supporter attacked by a violent Antifa thug.

The Trump supporter was simply out using his 1st Amendment rights. As you probably know, Antifa is extremely against anyone using their 1st Amendment rights for anything they disagree with. As most of these exchanges go, once the Trump supporter realized what was going on, he dominated the Antifa thug and sent him running. While the coward was running off, other Trump supporters pointed the police in the direction of the coward while chanting "USA! USA! USA!"

Watch the video.

Trump Supporter Attacked by Antifa Thug

These situations are being orchestrated by Antifa all the time. We are 100 days into President Trump being in office and the attacks by Antifa thugs are showing no signs of slowing down. Note how the police are not making any effort to attack the thug who attacked the Trump supporter. That's just par for the course in California, though.

Even in Liberal California, people are banding together and fighting back against the weak Antifa. For instance, look at the turnout when Gavin McInnes delivered a speech in Berkeley on behalf of Ann Coulter. Her speech was cancelled, so McInnes stepped up and delivered the speech on her behalf. This showed an awesome movement of solidarity by the right in Liberal California.

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