The Antifa/Anti-Trump contingency has again resorted to violence. They are destroying property and assaulting police and Trump supporters. May Day violence erupts across the country. Cities and college campuses across the country are being set ablaze by the far left/Antifa contingency, which sadly has became a theme across the country over the past few months. While they call it a "protest" it would be much more accurate to call what they create "mayhem."

The events on Monday in Portland were declared a full-blown riot by the authorities in Portland. Police officers were pelted with rocks, smoke bombs and soda cans. CNN was there to cover the action. Despite not properly labeling who was wreaking the havoc, they did get some video footage. Leave it to the YouTube commenters to tell you what is really going down. Take a look.

In New York the far left was "attempting" to hold a peaceful protest. Of course this idea went down in flames. Soon "black-clad anti-Trump supporters, their faces uncovered but carrying anarchist black flags,"per APF.

Thousands gathered to protest Trump in Los Angeles. No surprise there. Also, Mayor Eric Garcetti joined to root on the protesters. Sadly, that also is not surprising. American flags were burned, officers were assaulted and arrests were made. Take a look.

Sadly, these types of actions have became the new normal. The riots were not limited to just these areas. They happened all over the country. Here is a video that is a collection of the different riots that happened all over America.

May Day Violence Erupts All Over the USA

This type of action is despicable. It is sad that 100 days into the Trump presidency the far left is still resorting to violence to get their message across. Throwing rocks and burning flags is something they do on a daily basis to get their message across. This is completely unacceptable and must be stopped.

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