The left is up in arms again. Guess who caused it? President Trump makes it rain paper towels at a Puerto Rican church.

When President Trump entered Calvary Temple he was greeted by cheers from the crowd. There were signs reading "Let's Make Puerto Rico Great Again" and "God Bless You Mr. President."

There was a crowd gathered in front of Trump while he stood behind a table filled with supplies.

Trump began handing out some packages of rice to the crowd. Then he got caught up in the moment and began shooting them into the crowd as if they were basketballs.

It won't be long before we have the meme where President Trump knocks Hillary out with a roll of paper towels.

Per The Hill:

"There's a lot of love in this room, a lot of love," Trump said.

He then handed some packages of rice out to the crowd, before picking up packaged rolls of paper towels and throwing them into the crowd as if they were basketballs.

At the event, people in the crowd photographed Trump as he was throwing the paper towels and a White House pool report suggested those in attendance enjoyed it. People caught two of the rolls, while another fell to the ground.

Back in the United States, however, the images received more negative scrutiny on social media, leaving it unclear how the colorful scenes will play out. 

Meanwhile in the United States, Trump tossing paper towels into the crowd is being viewed much more negatively.

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