The NFL continues to push further and further left. In the wake of Sunday night's shooting in Las Vegas, Saints coach Sean Payton calls current gun policies "flawed."


"It's very clear. And, look, if that pisses people off, it's tough," said Payton, who also passionately spoke out about the need for stronger gun control last year following former Saints player Will Smith's shooting death.

"It was very simple," Payton said of his Tuesday tweet. "I just think, let's start from this standpoint: The current protocol is not working. The current system's not working. And the madness is when you go years and years and years and say, 'Well ...'

"So the current policies and thoughts are flawed. And I believe this in my heart: We as a society owe it to our children, and we have to be better that way. And I made my statements clear after the death of Will Smith. And these things come up and they come up, and you try to draw parallels throughout our world. And, look, it's hard to find other countries like that. And here we are as educated and smart and forward-thinking as we think we are, and yet it's broken and it's obvious."

You can listen to the entire interview here:

Additional to that, Payton tweeted about the issue Tuesday morning.

Ask a liberal  to tell you what should be done specifically to prevent these shootings from happening. They'll have nothing but a blanket statement of "more gun control." There is no plan or idea to put in place. The only thing they know for sure is we need "more gun control."

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