A photograph has leaked from inside the hotel room of the Las Vegas shooter. In the photo there appears to be a note on a small table near the killer's body.

Per Daily Mail:

The photos, leaked Tuesday, show Stephen Paddock's body on the floor of his suite in the Mandalay Bay resort and casino, which he used as a sniper's nest to open fire on 22,000 innocent people attending a music festival across the street Sunday night.  

Only the 64-year-old's legs, torso and left arm are visible in the photo - and he wears a typical outfit for a retiree: a brown long-sleeve t-shirt, black slacks and slip on loafers with white socks. The only thing that reveals his nefarious actions are the black gloves he's wearing. 

On the floor next to him are two assault rifles, dozens of spent shells and a hammer - which he presumably used to shatter two windows in his two-room suite which he then used to shoot out of. 

One of the assault rifles has a 'bump stock' added to it - making effectively fully automatic - allowing him to unleash hundreds of rounds per minute.  The branding on the gun indicates it was made by Daniel Defense, a Savannah-Georgia-based company which produces variants of the AR-15 rifle, based off the U.S. Army's M16.  

Note Found In Hotel Room of Vegas Shooter Near His Body

At this point investigators have still not figured out a motive for the shooting. He has no criminal record, but his behavior the days leading up to the shooting could reveal some hints.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Paddock wired $100,000 to an account in this girlfriend Marilou Danley's native Philippines sometime in the week before the attack, according to NBC News. Danley, 62, was in the Philippines when Paddock carried out the attack, but it's unclear if the money was intended for her. She is now en route back to the U.S., to speak with authorities. Sheriff Lombardo called her a person of interest in a Tuesday press conference.

With the amount of surveillance in a casino, it should be a matter of time before more information is discovered.

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