Rep. Ilhan Omar on the Difference between Obama and Trump: ‘One is Human, the Other is Not’

Rep. Ilhan Omar fired a shot at Politico by questioning their reporting. She has since deleted that tweet. Last week she raised some eyebrows for tweeting an article that confirmed she criticized Obama, all while claiming not to do so. She said the two were both cut from the same cloth and referred to the “caging of kids” by Obama and his “droning of countries around the world.”

Well, Guerin Hays of Fox News caught up with her and gave her the chance to settle the score on her stance on if she really think President Trump and former President Obama are the same.

Alright then.

Check out some of the responses on Twitter:

Ilhan broke ground when she talked about the similarities of President Trump and Obama. If nothing else, she knows how to make the headlines for the wrong reasons. At least when she was given the chance to explain herself she took advantage of the opportunity to pander to the left.

You’d think after she put Obama and Trump as being the same, she would be completely written off by the left. But of course that is not the case. How far does she have to go before the Democratic Party abandons her. She is literally driving Nancy Pelosi insane.

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