As part of the anti-Semitic wave by the Democrats, Rep. Rashida Tlaib was busted for following an anti-Jew Instagram account that depicts Jews as rats and vampires.

This story was first broken by Ashley Rae Goldenberg of Capital Research. She put out a tweet featuring images of some of the work of this Instagram account that was followed by Tlaib:

My exclusive on . You know how we're talking about anti-Semitism in the Democratic Party lately? Check out the images posted by an Instagram account Rashida Tlaib follows from her official Instagram page. My story (and more posts) here:

If that's not enough, she also posed with a man who tweeted "Israel does not have a right to exist" during her private swearing-in dinner.

Per Ashley Rae Goldenberg from Capital Research:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who made news for being the first Palestinian Muslim woman elected to U.S. Congress, follows an Instagram account that routinely shares blatantly anti-Semitic posts and 9/11 conspiracy theories. The account Tlaib follows shares posts comparing Jews to vermin and Hitler, posts asserting Jews wield an enormous amount of power, and posts claiming Israel “did” 9/11 and supports ISIS.

The account shared Nazi-inspired propaganda in July 2014. Similar to how the Nazis compared Jews to rats, the free.palestine.1948 account shared an image of a rat inside of the Israeli flag and called the rat “the real plague.” When confronted about the anti-Semitic imagery, the account responded, “Haha make me laugh f*ck you and f*ck israhell […] you wankers will never like the truth.”

Though Tlaib did unfollow the account and put a message on her account saying she doesn't necessarily endorse "all" posts on accounts, she follows, her office only issued a "no comment" when reached by Goldenberg.

Goldenberg is extremely right. "I'm sorry" or "we mistakenly followed the account" or "I was hacked!" ANYTHING would have been better than "no comment."

As Nick Pappas points out, this wasn't accidental where they automatically follow everyone back. She consciously decided to follow this account.

Someone tried to defend Tlaib saying this account used a "bait and switch" to gain followers. Goldenberg quickly dispatched that notion.

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