Jeopardy! has made a sudden change by dropping a popular segment, sparking fan confusion.

The show's executive producer also hinted at tweaking eligibility rules, causing unrest among loyal viewers.

This week, regular Jeopardy! viewers realized something was missing and took to an online forum to discuss.

One user highlighted that the episodes no longer featured next episode previews, which had been part of the show since the latter half of Season 38 and throughout Season 39.

"Does anyone know what happened to the 'preview of next episode' segment?" they inquired, noting the sudden disappearance.

Others chimed in, expressing nostalgia and hope for the return of the previews.

"It’s so funny, I was thinking of posting this very thing. I miss it," commented one viewer.

"Ohh it has been so long I forgot they did that! I miss it!" another added.

"It’s been so long that they forgot they did that too!" joked a third.

A fan speculated the elimination might be to prevent spoilers, particularly related to contestant attire.

"Maybe because of that thing where they included the winner of an episode wearing a different outfit than on the contestant zone?

"I noticed this has been a problem especially towards late season 39. Maybe so it’s harder to detect spoilers? But in order to do that i think they need to make sure their wearing the proper outfit from Game 1.

"I preemptively knew Amy would lose because Carrie Cadwallader from the game after she lost was wearing a different outfit than what she posted in a contestant announcement online," they explained.

The recent changes to Jeopardy! have stirred significant controversy among its dedicated fanbase.

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