Recently James Comey was fired by President Trump and the left rushed to his aide. Now Kellyanne Conway rips James Comey. During the NBC Monday morning interview Conway said "most of Washington" loathed Comey while he was FBI Director.

Additionally, Conway said that President Trump may exercise his executive privilege to block James Comey from testifying.

Per Daily Caller:

“The president will make that final decision but if Mr. Comey does testify we’ll be watching with everyone else,” Conway said when asked if the White House will block Comey from testifying. “I would point out two things: most of Washington, of course many of the Democrats, detested this man until Donald Trump fired him, which Jim Comey said in his own goodbye letter was the right of the president to do.

Watch the video.

Kellyanne Conway Rips James Comey

Once upon a time everyone on the left was calling for FBI Director James Comey to be fired. Suddenly when President Trump fired Comey, they all changed their mind. This interview casts more light on the situation. If what Kellyanne Conway says is true then no one liked Director Comey. It seems pretty obvious that no one liked James Comey and moving on from him was the correct thing to do.

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