In her latest episode, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez retweets herself talking about her own definition of Democratic socialism. This is one that really puts her full crazy on display.

In this video she explains Democratic Socialism. During this video she tells us, "We should be scared now." While she did get the scared part right, her reasons and the actual reasons we should be scared are very different. We should be very scared because she is an elected government official.

Ocasio-Cortez: Ya know just as there’s all this fear mongering that government is going to take over every corporation and government is going to take over every business or every form of production, um, we should be scared right now because corporations have taken over our government.

And in my opinion, we should be weary of any entity in which both of those things are combined, whether it’s through one way or the other. Um, and that’s why the emphasis in Democratic Socialism is on duhmocracy. And it’s not about, you know, it, it’s, it’s just as much a transformation about bringing duhmocracy to the workplace so that we have a say, and that we don’t check all of our rights at the door every time we cross the threshold into our workplace. Because at the end of the day as workers and as people in society, we’re the ones creating wealth. Not a corporate CEO. It’s not a CEO that’s actually creating four billion dollars a year. It is the millions of workers in this country that’s creating billions of dollars of economic productivity a year. And our system should reflect that.

First off, she describes anyone opposing Democratic Socialism as "fear mongering." Then she moves right into saying, “We should be scared right now because corporations have taken over out government.” It's very clear that she is the fear monger.

It's funny that she tells us what to be afraid of, but wants to give government more and more power. Anyone who follows history knows that socialism is the real thing people should be fearing.

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