No one is safe from the left's attacks. Now a liberal report claims that babies as young as 6 months can be racist. Can't even walk or talk, but already racist.

Per The Toronto Metr:

How embarrassing: You’re out in public with a preschooler who blurts out something racially insensitive they picked up from daycare or TV.

Most parents start being extra careful not to expose children to negative racial attitudes at the age when they begin to notice that kind of thing. Until recently, that was thought to be about three or four years old.

But according to a new study published in the journal Child Development, babies as young as six months old can be racist, too – just in a different way than older children and adults are.

You may think this is a joke, but unfortunately not this column is dead series. How do you distinguish whether a baby is upset about seeing a black person or he just pooped his pants? Maybe a liberal will be kind enough to write an article on how we can distinguish the two from a baby.

On a serious not, this is completely ridiculous. We often wonder where the left will draw the line? I believe the answer is they will never draw a line and will keep pushing further and further left.

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