The President of the United States of America is in a war of words with the North Korean leader. President Trump calls Kim Jong Un a "madman" and says he "will be tested like never before." The response came in tweets early Friday morning.

Per Daily Wire:

In response to the president’s threat to “totally destroy” North Korea in his address to the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday, Kim issued a personal statement directed at Trump. “I will surely and definitely take the mentally-deranged dotard with fire,” the young dictator stated. It is unprecedented for a North Korean leader to respond in this manner.

And, just in case the rogue regime hadn’t made enough headlines, the North Korean foreign minister dramatically escalated the situation by suggesting the North might test a thermonuclear weapon in the Pacific. It is unclear if, when, or how such a test might occur, but the threat is there. North Korea successfully conducted its sixth and most powerful test to date earlier this month, detonating a suspected hydrogen bomb.

Trump returned fire Friday morning on Twitter.

Who knows how Kim will move forward, but the tension is certainly mounting. He looks very poised to continue progress with his nuclear aspirations.

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