malia obama smoking pot

A few weeks ago there was a video of Malia Obama, President Obama's daughter, twerking. Now there is one of Malia Obama smoking pot. The video was shot at Lollapalooza. Check it out!

Malia Obama Smoking Pot

She won't easily get out of this one. The 18 year old was caught on video and is apparently smoking a joint. The video just shows up on Wednesday. The video was first posted by Radar Online and shows her puffing away. It is very clear what is going on.

It's a 9 second clip where she is seen in the background. There is a girl in front of her who is dancing and sticking her tongue out.

What Does It Mean?

There was someone controversy when Malia Obama passed on going to the Democratic National Convention and instead opted for Lollapalooza. This only enhances the controversy. Other photos captured Malia busting out some dance moves. A much more acceptable hobby for the daughter of the president.

Her pops, President Obama, admitted in his memoirs to partaking in "a little bit of blow" in high school as well as college. So he can't be that bad about the video of Malia obama smoking pot, so one would think.

Recently marijuana was decriminalized in the state of Illinois, where she was smoking. So at least she doesn't have to worry about spending any time in the big house, opposed to her normal residence, The White House. She didn't miss by much. Just this month a law went into place that decriminalizes anyoen caught with less than 10 grams of marijuana. The bill was put into place by Governor Bruce Rainer, so she's not a criminal.

What do you think about that? Pretty big time stuff. She is in big, big trouble when she gets home, so yeah. Well not by the law, but you have to know when you are the daughter of the president it's not cool to be puffing a joint on video. It's for sure that Malia Obama smoking a joint on video was not what Barry had in mind when he woke up this morning.


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