As Obamagate moves along, more and more people admit knowledge of his wiretaps. Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook admits it on video. Robby Mook was on Fox News and admitted his knowledge of wiretaps being used during the campaign.

Obviously Mook knew, Hillary even tweeted it in the days leading up to the election.

Per a Fox News reporter:

“Today Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager told Fox he had knowledge of wiretaps being used during the campaign but he suggested they were targeted at Russian officials, not directly at Trump Tower.”

Check out the video.

Robby Mook Confirms Knowledge of Wiretaps

Some interesting things to think about here. Did Mook really think that the targets of the wiretaps were the Russians? The entire reason for the wiretaps was to take down Trump.

Either way, things are coming apart at the seems for the left and it's awesome to watch. Click share above if you enjoyed this report.

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