If you haven't seen the website Funny or Die it is a comedy site that regularly hates on conservatives. Did they go too far with this hit piece on Kellyanne?

Remember, Kellyanne Conway was the first woman to run a successful presidential campaign. She broke boundaries for women. You know, the thing that liberals always talk about wanting to do? Yet they are against her and making videos like this to trash her.

This video features very hateful attacks on Kellyanne Conway along with President Trump. It makes fun of Melania's accent and also takes shots at Vice President Mike Pence for being a Christian. Because, you know, making fun of Christians is "cool" while no one is allowed to say anything negative about Muslims.

Watch the video.

Funny or Die Hit Piece on Kellyanne

Since then the the producer has released a statement and it's not to apologize. In his statement he attacks blonde white women, because he claims that is a funny thing to do. Can you imagine if a conservative took a stance like this and ripped on Michelle Obama because ripping on black women is funny? The left would absolutely lose their minds.

Kellyanne Conway is the single most fascinating woman in American history. Beautiful, blonde, articulate — it’s no wonder Donald Trump chose her to helm his incredibly successful presidential campaign. Our production company is committed to making the voices of blonde, white women heard. It’s incredibly difficult to tell the story of a woman that is as entertaining as a story about a man, but we are tremendously proud of the work we did with The Kellyanne Conway Story.

Will the left come out and attack this guy for being anti-woman and racist? We're not counting on it. What do you think of this video? Vote in our poll!

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