During a mass shooting Sunday night in Vegas, the police stood strong. This Vegas shooting witness describes the heroic acts of the police.

Russell Bleck is the Vegas shooting witness who appeared on NBC's "Today" on Monday. He attended the country music concert where the shooting went down. He commended the police officers and called their actions nothing short of admirable.

Per The Blaze:

“I mean, just, God bless the police officers,” Bleck said. “I mean, in a world where everyone’s kneeling, these guys stood up and took — I mean, they knew what they were against and they ran toward the danger with just handguns. I mean, that’s real bravery right there.”

Bleck added that “there’s no telling how many [people the police] saved.”

“Every second was a life lost,” Bleck said. “[The suspect] was just spraying the crowd of tens of thousands of people.”

It was an incredibly bad situation that no one deserves to be in. The police officers were incredibly courageous and put their lives on the line. They did everything they could to make sure as many people as possible made it out of the concert venue alive. If that meant putting their lives on the line, they were more than willing to do so.

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