Kellyanne Conway Takes on Chelsea Clinton, bosnia sniper fire, bowling green massacre

Kellyanne Conway Takes on Chelsea Clinton

The Clintons are still desperate to stay in the spotlight. Chelsea makes a remark about Bowling Green, then Kellyanne Conway takes on Chelsea Clinton. Here is what got everything started.

Kellyanne Conway Destroys Michelle Obama

Why doesn't Kellyanne Conway get the credit she deserves for leading Trump to victory? She's a conservative, that's why. In this video Kellyanne Conway destroys Michelle Obama. Get Over it, Michelle https://w...

Kellyanne Conway Destroys Robby Mook - VIDEO

Kellyanne Conway did an interview on CNN with Jake Tapper and Robby Mook. Well, Kellyanne Conway destroys Robby Mook. You gotta see this! “I think the biggest fake news was that Donald Trump couldn’t win...