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Fox News anchor Howard Kurtz is very upset with some of his colleagues. He's upset because some of them are saying Joe Biden is going senile.

There's a big problem with them saying that. The problem is that Biden isn't going senile...he's already gone senile! Biden has lost his mind and it just keeps getting worse.

Kurtz said that when people attack President Trump's mental health that he butts heads against them just the same as he would for Biden.

From Breitbart News

Kurtz said, “I always criticize liberal commentators for saying things like ‘President Trump is mentally ill’ and ‘President Trump has psychosis, and he’s narcissistic and all that,’ so I do think it was unfortunate that some commentators on Super Tuesday — Brit Hume, Marc Thiessen, people I respect — said Joe Biden is senile or getting there. Certainly, he’s forgetful with his memory lapses, and you can question his performance.”

On Super Tuesday, after Biden won the majority of delegates, Brit Hume asked, “How many of the people who voted for him tonight would agree that he’s senile? Or getting there?”

Marc Thiessen said, “The reason why Biden is surging is because there is no credible alternatives. It reminds me a lot about Mitt Romney in 2012 when the Republicans were casting around for anybody but Romney because they knew he was weak, they didn’t think he could go against Obama. If he couldn’t defend himself against Newt Gingrich’s attacks on his Bain Capital experience, how was he going to withstand the Obama attacks? There was no other alternative. So this race is basically coming down to Democrats are going to have to choose between socialism and senility.”

Really though...what do you think? Is Biden going senile? Has he already crossed that bridge? Surely, there is something that needs to be said about his mental state because he has WAY too many gaffes to be completely coherent.

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