Democrats are being ridiculously hypocritical following the presidential debate on Tuesday night.

They're all griping about how much the President interrupted Joe Biden, but Chris Wallace interrupted the President just as much, if not more.

Did the President interrupt Biden? Absolutely. Did Biden interrupt Trump? Definitely. In fact, Biden is the one who started it. Chris Wallace who was supposed to be moderating the debate continually let Biden interrupt but would shout at President Trump when he did it.

Let's reflect back on the time that Barack Obama was President and running for his second term.

During the Vice Presidential debate between Biden and Paul Ryan, Sleepy Joe interrupted Ryan a total of 82 times.

In comparison, Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump 75 times.

In fact, the interruptions were so frequent and so obvious during the Biden/Ryan debate in 2012, that Saturday Night Live did an entire skit about it.

Here is how the Baltimore Sun reported on the debate back in 2012,

"In TV terms, Biden was a hot mess much of Thursday night. His TV sins included: continually smirking, sometimes grinning and even laughing aloud as Ryan spoke. If you watched on CNN, which held the two men in split screen all night, Biden was almost insufferable in his reactions. One minute, he seemed smug, the next loopy.

And it got worse in the middle portion of the debate when he started to get hot under the collar and kept interrupting Ryan.

At one point, he even sounded like he was yelling at Raddatz about Afghanistan. OK, maybe it wasn't exactly yelling, but he was talking far too loudly and forcefully for a man addressing a woman when she was the one supposedly in authority.

Really, between the inappropriate grinning and aggressive tone of voice, he sounded like an elderly relative who had one drink too many. I know that is not a nice thing to say about the vice president of the United States, but that's the way part of his performance came across on the small screen Thursday night."

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