Liberals ruin absolutely everything that they get involved in. This time they're trying to change the meaning of certain words that we've been using for the entirety of history.

It looks as though Merriam-Webster is bending a knee to the transgender activists, but a group of female activists is opposing the changing of definitions.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary, which claims to be "America's leading and most-trusted provider of language", has updated its definitions for "male" and "female". Changes include the addition of the word "typically" to the primary definitions of genders, in order to be more inclusive of people who identify as transgender.

A female is now described as "typically" - implying not always - having the ability to have children "and produce eggs". Biological lines were further blurred with sub-definitions, such as a female being of an identity "opposite of male" and having qualities such as "size or delicacy" which could sometimes be associated with the female gender.

In July, the same dictionary changed the term "trans woman" as being "woman" despite being male at birth.

Female activists are outraged. Kellie-Jay Keen has described the blurring of the definition as "sinister", criticizing the dictionary for putting human rights "in jeopardy" while wondering how women could be protected when they can not be named.

Feminist writer Natasha Chart has openly criticized radical transgender ideology permeating into institutions and dictionary publishers, stating they were catering to "woke" mobs on social media as well as junior employees. She urged them to show their "backbones" by enforcing workplace regulations so that colleagues could not be harassed over political views.

In particular, she pointed to attacks against writer J. K. Rowling who has been scrutinized and attacked for her views on gender, being forced to return a 2019 human rights award by Kerry Kennedy, president of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation, who said she had published "transphobic tweets" which were "deeply troubling".

It's crazy to think of how much we've allowed liberals to control how we are to perceive reality, but not only that, how have so many companies come to a place where liberals are the ones in charge? Maybe that's not really the case and they're just afraid of backlash if they don't bow down to the PC culture.

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