For some time now, there have been questions about who is keeping these riots going. That's to say, where is the money, food, shelter, equipment, etc. coming from in order that these fools can be on the streets every night?

One of the frequently tossed around theories is that George Soros is the man who is fueling the fire (pun intended).

However, we now have undeniable proof with a paper trail that Soros is indeed paying for these riots and supplying these terrorists with shields, signs, gas masks, and weapons.

There was a U-Haul truck that was spotted full of riot supplies in Louisville leading up to the riots following the announcement from the Grand Jury regarding the death of Breonna Taylor.

There is even a video showing this.

So where did that truck come from? Where did that gear come from?

Well, the truck was rented by Holly Zoller, who is part of the Louisville Bail Initiative that helps bail out all of these criminals that are rioting.


Here's the proof:

She is the person who rented the truck, as well as the one who drove the truck to the location.

We know that at LEAST two people on the board of the Louisville Bail Initiative were Soros Justice Fellows.


Here is the rental contract that she agreed to with for the U-Haul truck:

And the worst of all is the phone call that has her admitting that she drove the truck to the site to unload the goods:

If you ask me, there is no longer any real credible claim that George Soros isn't behind these riots. I think this U-Haul incident along with all of the evidence pointing toward Soros, combined with everything else that we've seen in the past already unequivocally proves that he is behind this violence.

I guarantee that if Biden wins the election, these riots would stop almost instantly.

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