Democrat Congressman Goes After Trump Voters – ‘Every Racist in America Voted for Trump’ – VIDEO

Hakeem Jeffries attacked Trump voters from the House floor. The Democrat Congressman goes after Trump voters. “Every racist in America voted for Donald Trump,” according to this Jeffries.

This guy went on one heck of a rant. He talked about “white supremacy” and went on and on about all of the hate crimes that have been brought on by a Trump presidency. He ignores that most of these are hoaxes that the left drummed up to create a poor image of Trump supporters.

Democrat Congressman Goes After Trump Voters

Jeffries: “We’re wondering why were so many people who worship at the altar of white supremacy drawn to Donald Trump’s campaign?

That’s not to say that every American who voted for Donald Trump is a racist. We do know that every racist in America voted for Donald Trump.”

This president has a responsibility to address the rise in hate crimes that have taken place on his watch, whether or not his election is directly connected to it.”

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Hakeem Jeffries is an awesome example of the losing narrative of the left. They have no actual message they can push themselves, so instead they just cry about racism that doesn’t exist.

No long ago Jeffries tried to draw a comparison from Jim Crow to President Trump in his speech. The only problem with this is that he ended up looking like a total fool. Let’s not forget that Jim Crow was a racist Democrat. He should have thought that one through better.

The entire left is in desperation mode. Reps like Hakeem Jeffries have zero message to deliver to the people. So instead they continuously try to make attacks on the right. These attacks are getting less and less effective every time they make them.

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