With the help of medical professionals, a 12-year-old boy suffering from gender confusion transitions from male to female. Guess what happens next?

After two years Patrick Mitchell tells his mother that he feels like a boy again. So what happens next? He begins the very painful process of transitioning back to being a boy, which is a very painful process that includes surgery.

12-year-old boy transitions to female

Per Daily Wire:

Patrick Mitchell was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at age 12, meaning he viewed himself as a female although he was born a biological male.

“When he was young, he would dress up in girl's clothes. And at one stage, he did say to me, could he be taken to the doctor to be made a girl," said the boy's mother.

Although he was just a child, Mitchell was put on estrogen hormones to begin his transition. He subsequently began to grow breasts and also grew out his hair.

“You wish you could just change everything about you, you just see any girl and you say I'd kill to be like that," Mitchell, now 14, told 60 Minutes Australia.

Now, just two years since the start of his transition, Mitchell says he feels like his biological sex.

“I began to realize I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,” he said.

The teen recognized that his gender confusion began to dissipate when his school teachers started referring to him as a female.

"He looked me in the eye and said ‘I'm just not sure that I am a girl,'" recalled Mitchell's mother.

The young man has finally ceased his hormone therapy and is scheduled to go under the knife to remove his female breasts.

Obviously an adult should have the right to make decisions about their own bodies, but a child who is often misled by a politically-driven adult is a different story.

Mitchell falls under the category as another young person who falls victim to the leftist tolerance which encourages people to identify as something they are not.

Watch the video.

12-Year-Old Boy Transitions to Female - Whoops

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