Sometimes you meet the super hot girl then she starts talking and everything is ruined. Well, conservative bombshell Lauren Southern gets HOTTER when she talks.

If you are not familiar with the work of Lauren Southern, you are truly missing out. She has been a personality with Vice, but now she has moved on and is going independent. Recently she has started putting more content on her YouTube channel, but sticking with their far left agenda, Facebook continuously demonetizes her work.

Today she came out with a new video. It's a response of FIRE to YouTube demonetizing her videos.

Watch the video.

Conservative Bombshell Lauren Southern Brings It!

Lauren Southern is the total package. She completely denies rape culture. She has performed fake gender transitions. Heck, she's even ripped on BLM's "fascistic tendencies." Oh yeah and she's incredibly beautiful. What is there to love about this incredibly beautiful woman?

She goes to protests and holds her own. Recently she was hit with fox urine by Antifa.

No matter what Antifa does, there is no stopping Lauren. She is a star. She will continue to trend upward while no one is even reporting on Antifa.

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