On Thursday Senator Bernie Sanders made an appearance on MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes." Bernie Sanders was questioned about his wife's investigation and blamed Trump and Republicans. That's right. His wife committed potential bank fraud and Senator Sanders blamed it on Trump.

It's known that Bernie Sanders can't take the heat of the difficult questions. It's no wonder Chuck Todd didn't ask about the pending FBI investigation at all. He didn't want to trigger Bernie. When he's not at college campuses where everyone is feeling the Bern, he comes unglued. In this video he comes unhinged when asked about his wife Jan Sanders being investigated over a land deal she was involved with.

Chris Hayes: “Senator, I want to ask you about some news recently about you retaining counsel in an investigation that has been ongoing. An FBI investigation of now the defunct college that your wife was president of, Burlington College. There’s some serious allegations you have counsel obviously and I know that you have said this is politically motivated, but I do want to ask you, on the record, face to face–the most serious allegation is that you improperly used your office to help secure financing for loans for Burlington College, and I want to ask you on the record if that’s true.”

Senator Bernie Sanders: “Do you know where that allegation came from? That allegation came from the vice chairman of the Vermont Republican party and Donald Trump’s Vermont campaign state director. That is an absolute lie. But you know, that’s what you expect from the Trump administration and people associated with Donald Trump,” Sanders continued.

Watch the video.

Bernie Sanders Blames Trump

After dodging the question, Senator Sanders quickly moved on to topics he is more comfortable with. Those include women's rights, climate change and health care. You know, things that can be more easily linked to socialism.

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