Mika Brzezinski and her fiancee Joe Scarborough continue to go after President Trump. Now, Mika Brzezinski calls President Trump a narcissist, ignorant, stupid and more.

It seems to be a theme from the left. They completely disregard and disrespect the president based on him being a Republican.

Mika Brzezinski went on a tirade where she called President Trump every name in the book. She even said that he "says he can garb women anywhere." Then she went in a complete opposite direction and insinuated that he may have homosexual tendencies. All of this in under a minute. Watch the video.

Mika Brzezinski Calls President Trump Every Name in the Book


Finally President Trump reached his boiling point. What did he do when this happened? What he always does, he took to Twitter.



Many people feel that President Trump was out of line with these tweets, including some of the top Republicans.

Trump felt that Mika was overstepping her boundaries and decided to let her have it and held her accountable.

By the way, how awkward was this for Joe Scarborough? He is literally squirming in his chair and praying for this to end while she was going on her rant.

When President Trump swings, he swings for the fences. It is good to see that when the far left media attacks President Trump, someone out there is willing to hold them accountable.

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