Woman Makes Disgusting Discovery at the Bottom of Her McDonald's Bag: 'It was so on purpose'

Kellie Ulmer's McDonald's dinner took a bizarre turn. She found what looked like a "literal trash bag" in her Oreo McFlurry. Her TikTok video exploded with nearly 2 million views. Imagine her shock, pulling out a McFlurry-coated trash bag!

"It was deliberately hidden," Ulmer suggested in her viral post. "A literal trash bag or something," she added, bewildered.

Ulmer couldn't believe her eyes, yanking out a plastic bag. Viewers were equally shocked. "The gasp I just let out," one commented.

@kekebobeke IT WAS SO ON PURPOSE LIKE FOLDED SO SMALL AT THE bottom its a literal trash bag or something @McDonald’s ♬ original sound - kekebobeke

A twist in the tale: a McDonald's employee chimed in. Apparently, the bag is for storing liquid ice cream. "I guess they threw the bag in too," she explained.

Ulmer's video captured more than just the gross find. She and her friend debated: "Should we sue McDonald's?" Between laughs, the idea seemed tempting.

The internet reacted with disgust. "Unsettling" was the word for finding trash in a half-eaten McFlurry. "I would throw up," another echoed.

What happened next with McDonald's? That part's still a mystery as McDonald's has not responded to the incident.

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