Costco Brings Back 'Favorite' $7 Viral Snack

Get ready for Super Bowl Sunday! It's not just about football; it's a feast. Imagine pizzas, wings, and nachos. But wait, there's a game-changer: Costco's new dip!

Meet Toom Original Garlic Dip. It's taking over, pushing guacamole and queso aside. It's a sensation on Instagram, thanks to @laoc.eats. Picture this: fresh garlic, zesty lemon juice, canola oil, and sea salt. Plus, it's vegan, gluten-free, keto, and kosher.

Think beyond chips. Dunk your pizza slices, smother your sandwiches, or jazz up your veggies. @whyidocardo even slathered it on chicken. They're hooked, and you might be too.

"Toom" means garlic in Arabic. It's inspired by Lebanese toum sauce, perfect with chicken or shawarma. Get creative! Use it as a marinade or a zingy salad dressing.

Here's the deal. A 16-ounce tub at Costco is $7.49. Can't find it? Aldi has an 8-ounce version for $4.89, even in Buffalo Garlic flavor. But hurry, it's a limited-time treat. Spot it? Grab it. Trust us, it's worth it.

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