WATCH: Veteran Drops Knowledge on Woman Shaming a Father For Buying His Son a Gun

While at a Texas gun store, a woman was shaming a father for buying a gun for her son. Hidden cameras captured the moment when a veteran stepped in and dropped knowledge on the meddling woman.

Why would this woman possibly think a Texas gun store is a good place to lecture on gun control? Because she is an actress, that’s why. This store was the perfect opportunity for “What Would You Do?” to film an episode. This father was at the store to buy his 8-year-old son his first gun. A discussion like this was a great way for the child to learn about the value and importance of gun safety. The actress stepped in and claimed that the boy is too young to have a gun.

Jeremy Maddamma stepped in with a look of disbelief on his face. He could not believe what he was hearing in a gun store. He stepped in and cut off the woman .

“Teaching a child how to shoot at a young age is the best form of firearm safety,” Maddamma said to the woman. 

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Maddamma started shooting himself at age 5. From then on he learned about the power of firearms and now to this day he is a very safe gun owner.

Then the host of the show John Quinones came out from behind the scenes to discuss Maddamma’s defense of firearms for a young boy. During this discussion Maddamma lifted his pants to show he has a prosthetic leg. The Air Foce veteran lost his leg due to friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2012. This gives him a very unique understanding of gun safety.

Gun control people refuse to acknowledge the importance of learning how to handle guns at a very young age. This veteran does a great job of explaining the situation in the video below.

Veteran drops knowledge on meddling woman on gun control

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