Darius Summer is a 61-year-old grandfather from Detroit. He recently received his CPL license. An armed teenager tries to rob the wrong gun toting 61-year-old grandpa. It didn't take long for the teenager to realize he wasn't the only one armed. Grandpa quickly pulled out his own gun and fired a bullet into the stomach of the boy. Right after this happened, the teen limped out of the store after picking up his own gun.

You think Darius is glad he picked up his license to carry a concealed weapon? You bet he is.

Watch the video.

Per Local 4 Detroit:

"I'd never been through this," Summers said. "Never shot a gun before. All this is new to me."

On Sunday morning near his home on Detroit's west side, Summers was at a gas station.

"I just wanted some coffee, so I walked down here," Summers said.

He said a 16-year-old boy armed with a gun saw that Summers was also armed, and the teen tried to take his weapon. He stuck his gun in Summers' back, thinking he was an older, easier target.

"I said, 'All I want to do is leave,'" Summers said. "He said, 'You can't leave.' I said, 'OK. What do you want to do?'"

Summers said the teen was controlling him, but then the 61-year-old man pulled out his own gun and shot the boy in the stomach. The teen picked up the gun that he dropped and limped out of the store.

Summers said there's no way he was going to let an armed 16-year-old make him a victim.

"I didn't shoot to kill, I shot to save his life," Summers said. "I got him up off me."

Summers is a grandfather, and he tried to talk to the teen as a grandfather.

Xavier Futrell was arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder, carrying a weapon with unlawful intent and a felony firearms violation.

This young thug had no idea grandpa was packing heat. Luckily for Darius he was able to protect himself from the young criminal and serve up a little bit of instant karma.

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