President Trump and his campaign aren't playing any games when it comes to the fight for the presidency.

The Democrats haven't taken it easy on him since the very beginning and it only got worse, so there's no reason for President Trump to be anything but ruthless.

This is why the most recent ad directly targets Joe Biden and his son Hunter and hits them where it hurts.

The new Trump campaign ad is short ( 30 seconds) and anything but sweet - in fact, it's downright brutal, and rightfully so, because the incredible corruption in the Biden family, as shown in Hunter's smoking gun emails, calls for an unapologetically brutal rebuke.

In an effort to help America know the truth and prevent Americans from voting for sellout Joe Biden, the new ad starkly exposes Biden's lies.

It does so by showing footage of the elder Biden's statement that he had never discussed with Hunter or anyone else anything involving his son's sketchy overseas dealings, which is in flat contradiction of proof in Hunter's emails showing that "the big guy" met with Hunter's Ukrainian business associate and his son sought $10 million per year from a Chinese energy company for him and his family, including his father.

Take a look at the video:

The message conveyed in this new digital ad launched by the Trump campaign is that it's simply a matter of common sense to not let Joe Biden sell America out again just to make his family even richer.

It’s a hard hitting 30 seconds that manages to lay out the most damning details without becoming too wordy or complicated. In other words, it’s exactly what you’d want in a political ad. It’s good to see the Trump campaign finally making hay out of this because it is legitimately a scandal.

We’ll see if Joe Biden ever gets asked about this before the election in a setting where he’s forced to answer, such as the upcoming debate. I certainly have my doubts. But you can bet Trump is going to be ready to bring this up, moderator be damned.

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