Someone buy whoever did this a beer. These New York vandals defaced a sign to where it read "Crooked Hillary." Before they got a hold of it, it read Crooked Hill Rd.

Per CNN:

Crooked Hill Road seemed like any other average American street name.

At least it did, until President Donald Trump coined his epithet for campaign rival Hillary Clinton: “Crooked Hillary.”

With the moniker being only three letters away from the name on the Crooked Hill Road exit sign, the opportunity to add some characters must have been just too tempting for someone.

Debbie Werba snapped some photos of the sign Wednesday morning while heading south on Sagtikos Parkway in New York. And if you want to add an extra dash of irony, the exit is right before the Long Island Expressway — also known to locals as LIE, something Trump and Clinton both frequently accused each other of telling during the campaign.

New York Vandals Deface Sign to Read 'Crooked Hillary'

Normally I wouldn't condone this type of behavior, but this is an exception. In a great twist of irony, the Twitter account who posted it is @immigrant4Trump.

Let's make this go VIRAL and make sure Hillary sees it. Do your part and like and share this story on Facebook so we can make sure it happens.

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