Target excels in offering both affordable and delightful glassware. From budget-friendly plastics to elegant glass goblets, Target dominates the market. Now, they're introducing parfait cups that also serve as drinking glasses. These are available in a four-pack from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia.

Jessica from the Target Junkie Instagram shared her excitement on March 3. She posted, "I couldn’t wait to open this up! These glass parfait cups come in a set of 4 and I love that they’re stackable! The quality is amazing and so beautiful! Perfect for ice cream or any other yummy dessert!!"

Her followers quickly echoed her sentiments, praising the glassware's beauty. Many commented about purchasing multiple sets themselves.

Target's online reviews are similarly positive. One customer mentioned, "I ordered 4 sets to have 16," and discussed their use at dinner parties and beyond.

Customers appreciate the cups' multipurpose design. "I’ve used them for little dessert dishes but could also use for drinks, displays, snacks," one reviewer noted, emphasizing their durability and the heavy, stable base.

Another review highlighted their practicality for daily use: "These parfait cups are absolutely beautiful! They’re not too thin, but still lightweight and sturdy. I easily stack them for easy storage in my cabinet. I plan to use them for individual desserts and ice cream!"

Each cup holds 8 ounces and is dishwasher-safe. The design features delicate fluting and a rounded base, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

These exclusive Target items are available both online and in stores, adding convenience for shoppers.

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